13. Seeds for Futures

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the combined Agronomy Society of New Zealand Special Publication No. 13 and Grassland Research and Practice Series No. 14 published in 2010 from the Joint Symposium Seed Symposium: Seeds for Futures held at Massey University, Palmerston North, Manawatu on 26-27 November 2008.  

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AGMARDT Keynote Address


Biodiversity and the future use of seeds

H.W. Pritchard pp. 1-3

Enhancing Biodiversity


The key roles of seed banks in plant biodiversity management in New Zealand

W.M. Williams pp. 5-11


Seed desiccation tolerance and dormancy of three endangered New Zealand species: Carmichaelia williamsii, Clianthus puniceus and Hibiscus diversifolius

M.J. Park, C.R. McGill, W.M. Williams and B.R. MacKay pp. 13-21


Regeneration of Agathis australis and associated species in a native bush stand on Limestone Downs

C.R. McGill, K.L. Kitchen and H.A. Outred pp. 23-31


Indigenous sward restoration by oversowing Microlaena stipoides into kikuyu (Pennisetum clandestinum) pasture

M.B. Dodd, B.R. Burns and I.L. Power pp. 33-39

Maximising Production and Yield


Seed Quality in New Zealand – Historical and Current

D. Melhuish pp. 41-45


Plant growth regulators: a success story in perennial ryegrass seed crops

R.J. Chynoweth, M.P. Rolston and B.L. McCloy pp. 47-57


Predicting nitrogen requirement in perennial ryegrass seed crops

M.P. Rolston, B.L. McCloy and R.J. Chynoweth pp. 59-65


Is the flag leaf important in perennial ryegrass seed production?

J.A.K. Trethewey and M.P. Rolston pp. 67-73


The effect of plant density on seed yield and quality of carrot (Daucus carota L.)

C.N. Merfield, J.G. Hampton, S.D .Wratten, P. Prapanoppasin and P. Yeeransiri pp. 75-83


Plant density effect on oil seed yield and quality of industrial hemp cv. Fasamo in Canterbury

J.M. Townshend and J.M. Boleyn pp. 85-91


New Zealand’s seed health

J.G. Hampton pp. 93-100

Seeds and the Future


The development of the New Zealand vegetable seed industry and future opportunities

J. McKay pp. 101-104


Evaluation of two new linseed cultivars for oilseed production in Canterbury

J.M. Townshend and J.M. Boleyn pp. 105-112


Base water potential for germination of radiata pine and buddleia seeds adjusts in response to time, seed-bed water potential and supra-optimal temperatures

M. Bloomberg and M.S. Watt pp. 113-118


Identification of Arabidopsis stay-green mutants with a functional ethylene-response pathway

R. Shirzadian-Khorramabad, H.C. Jin, J. Hille and P.P. Dijkwel pp. 119-129


Identification and quantitative expression of cytokinin regulatory genes during seed and leaf development in wheat

J. Song, L. Jiang and P.E. Jameson pp. 131-137


Opportunities for developing value-added brassica seed

E. Van Zijll De Jong, B.E. Braithwaite, T.L. Roush, A. Stewart and J.G. Hampton pp. 139-146


Bio-inoculant formulations for enhanced seedling emergence and pasture growth (extended abstract)

D.R.W. Kandula, A. Stewart, J. McDermid, D. Gale and J. Swaminathan pp. 147-148


Chemical composition of seeds from two New Caledonian plants used for re-vegetation: Identification of unusual isomers of C14:1, C16:1 and C18:1 in their oil (poster abstract)

C. Zongo, B. Fogliani, I. Bombarda, C.R. McGill, P. Doumen and S. Bouraïma-Madjèb p. 149


Cytokinin homeostasis and its application in seed yield in brassica (poster abstract)

D. O’Keefe, J. Song and P. Jameson p. 151