2016 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 46th Agronomy Society Conference held at Timaru, South Canterbury in 2016.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file: 

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Stem shortening plant growth regulators enhance seed yield of annual ryegrass

M.P. Rolston, R.J. Chynoweth, J.A.K.Trethewey, A.J. Hilditch, A.D. Heslop and B.L. McCloy pp. 1-10


Time of cutting effects on seed yield of autumn sown winter oilseed rape

J.M. Linton, R.J. Chynoweth, M.P. Rolston and A. McKenzie pp. 11-17


Carbohydrate degradation during sample storage for herbage analysis

C. Matthew, B.W. Howard, A.R. Drysdale, C. Duranton, M.A. Osborne and S.S Bhatia pp. 19-30


Improving yield and quality of process carrots through better crop establishment

S.J. Dellow, A. Hunt, R.N. Gillespie, P.R. Johnstone, J.B. Reid, D. Hedderley, I. Sorensen, N. Arnold and C. Finlayson pp. 31-44


The effects of maize seed treatments on establishment and development

P.S. Oliver, S.A. Harvey and D.M. Thomas pp. 45-48


Optimising sweet corn plant population by planting date combinations across New Zealand

A.G. Hunt, J.B. Reid and P.R. Johnstone pp. 49-57


Effect of sowing date on plant count, true-leaf growth stage and vernalisation of fodder beet and sugar beet

N. Stocker, B. Saldias, R. Brosnahan, L. Donnelly and  S.J. Gibbs pp. 59-70


Effects of irrigation regime, bed architecture and sub-soiling on potato yield and water use

A.J. Michel, S.M. Sinton, S.J. Dellow, S. Thomas, E.D. Meenken, G. Clemens and S. Maley pp. 71-83


Growth and nitrogen partitioning of fodder beet crops grown under varying amounts of water and nitrogen in shallow soils

E. Chakwizira, J.M. de Ruiter and S. Maley pp. 85-97


Catch crops after winter grazing for production and environmental benefits

B. Malcolm, E. Teixeira, P. Johnstone, S. Maley, J. de Ruiter and E. Chakwizira pp. 99-108


Effectiveness of winter cover crops to reduce nitrogen leaching losses in cropping systems in Waikato, New Zealand

R.F. Zyskowski, E.I. Teixeira. B.J. Malcolm, P.R. Johnstone and J.M. de Ruiter pp. 109-119


Nitrogen fertilisation effects on the quality of selected crops: a review

D.F. Guinto pp. 121-132