1981 Journal Papers

Our recent 50th Anniversary celebrated our past and looked to the future... Our thanks to the Symposium's 18 sponsors, 31 speakers & 172 registrants for making it such a success.

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 11th Agronomy Society Conference held at Palmerston North, Manawatu in 1981.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Agronomy Society Papers


Presidential address: Promise and performance

T.P. Palmer pp. 1-4


Growth and yield of sugar beet and fodder beet in Canterbury

R.J. Martin pp. 5-10


Nitrogen studies in autumn and spring sown field beans (Vicia faba L.)

S.D. Newton and G.D. Hill pp. 11-15


An investigation of wheat response to plant density and nitrogen application in the Manawatu/Rangitikei

N.J. Withers and R.M. Pringle pp. 17-22


The effect of irrigation and nitrogen fertiliser on the yield and malting quality in barley

E.G. Drewitt and J.G. Smart pp. 23-28


Effect of N, P, K, irrigation and spacing on Ilam Hardy and Wha potatoes

R.J. Lucas and N.S. Mountier pp. 29-33


Growth and water use of conventional and semi-leafless peas

D.R. Wilson, R. Hanson and W.A. Jermyn pp. 35-39


Winter oats: changes in nutritive value during development of the crop

K.A. Hughes and R.M. Haslemore pp. 41-44


Dry matter accumulation and nutritive value of lupins (Lupinus angustifolius) and their potential as a summer forage

E.S. Burtt and G.D. Hill pp. 45-50


The effects of closing and cutting dates on the yield and nutritive value of pasture for conservation

J.A. Browse, R.M. Haslemore and R. Thaine pp. 51-55


The suitability of subterranean clover cultivars for a double forage cropping system

A.O. Taylor and B.J. Hunt pp. 57-60


The effect of pea seed-borne mosaic virus on yield of peas

G.E. Ovenden and J.W. Ashby pp. 61-63


Evaluation of pathogen tested potato seed in New Zealand

G.E. Ovenden and S.D. Martin pp. 65-67


Soybean cultivars better suited to the New Zealand climate

S.J. McCormick and J.A.D. Anderson pp. 69-72


Peanuts: a possible crop for warm northern areas of New Zealand

J.A.D. Anderson and G.J. Piggot pp. 73-75


Lentil evaluation in New Zealand

W.A. Jermyn, D.S. Goulden, I.M. Lancaster and R.A. Banfield pp. 77-81

Symposium: wheat yield and quality


Production and use of wheat in New Zealand

D.J. Stonyer and S. Durbin pp. 85-87


Quality requirements of the New Zealand market for wheat

A.G. Beadle pp. 89-90


Improving wheat quality by agronomic management

W.R. Scott pp. 91-97


The conflict between wheat quality and yield in wheat breeding

H.C. Smith p. 99


Wheat quality: A farmer's viewpoint

A.L. Mulholland pp. 101-102


Purchasing wheat on a quality basis: Technical problems and a proposal

R.W. Cawley pp. 103-104


Purchasing wheat on a quality basis: Technical aspects

H.J. Moss pp. 105-106


Purchasing wheat on a quality basis: Logistics

A.G. Elliot pp. 107-108