2005 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 35th Agronomy Society Conference held at Lincoln, Canterbury in 2005.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Agronomy Society Papers


Dry matter accumulation and phenological development of four brassica cultivars sown in Canterbury

C. Adams, W.R. Scott, D.R. Wilson and L. Purves  pp. 1-18


Vegetative propagation of Ficus benjamina using non-sterile sand and hardwood cuttings

B.B. Kshatri, P.D. Kemp, J. Hodgson and N.R. Devkota  pp. 19-22


Temperature responses of lucerne radiation and water use efficiency

H.E. Brown, D.J. Moot and B.A. McKenzie  pp. 23-32


Performance of new Californian strawberry cultivars in Auckland

W.T. Bussell, I.L. Ennis, C.M. Triggs and G.J. Pringle  pp. 33-37


Growth and yield measurements to detect treatment differences in tomato crops in modern greenhouses

I.L. Ennis, W.T. Bussell, J.R. Lewthwaite, C.M. Triggs, Z. Egginton and S. McKennie  pp. 38-43


The influence of plant population, nitrogen and irrigation on yield and yield components of linseed

C. Gabiana, B.A. McKenzie and G.D. Hill  pp. 44-56


Variability in nodulation of Phaseolus vulgaris L. with different rhizobial strains

A.W. Kellman, G.D. Hill, and B.A. McKenzie  pp. 57-65


Variation in root density of poplar trees at different plant densities

I.R. McIvor, B. Metral and G.B. Douglas  pp.66-73


Response of four Salix species to soil water deficit

I. McIvor, H. Cumming and S. Hurst  pp. 74-80


Growth response of cool tolerant soybean to variation in sowing date

M.M. Rahman, J.G. Hampton and M.J. Hill  pp. 81-96


Effect of late autumn sowing dates on ryegrass seed yields

M.P. Rolston and W.J. Archie  pp. 97-103


Effects of stem diameter and planting depth on survival and early growth of field-planted willow and poplar

Z. Sulaiman, P.D. Kemp and G.B. Douglas  pp. 104-117


Comparing wood pulp and sawdust as media for field crops and the glasshouse

S.N. Trolove and J.B. Reid  pp. 118-128


Initial studies on seed oil composition of Calendula and Lunaria

R.J. Martin, N.G. Porter and B. Deo  pp.129-137