2010 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 40th Agronomy Society Conference held at Lincoln in 2010.

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Agronomy  Society Papers


Evaluation of sorghum, sudan-grass and pearl millet cultivars in Manawatu

D. Silungwe, J.P. Millner and C.R. McGill  pp. 1-10


Yield formation in maize hybrids of different 'stay green' rating

J.R. Koskey, D.J. Moot, B.A. McKenzie and A.L. Fletcher  pp. 11-22 


Effect of stocking rate on dry matter production, sward structure, sward morphology and tiller density throughout a whole grazing season

G. Tuñon, E. Kennedy, D. Hennessy, N. Lopez Villalobos, P. Kemp and M. O'Donovan  pp. 23-31


Annual ryegrass dry matter yield and nitrogen responses to fertiliser N applications in southern Brazil

A.C. Varella, I.J. Carassai, T.C. Baldissera, C. Nabinger, S.B.C. Lustosa, A. Moraes, S.J. Teixeira, A.S. Vargas and B. Radin  pp. 33-42


Cover crops and tillage intensity affect nitrate leaching

P.M. Fraser, T. Harrison-Kirk; F. Tabley, E.D. Meenken, M.H. Beare, D. Curtin, R.N. Gillespie and G.S. Francis  pp. 43-49


Root system plasticity as a factor in crop breeding for improved nutrient uptake

J.B. Reid, Y. Tan, W.B. Griffin and D. Goulden  pp. 51-64


Predicting the potassium requirements of crops

S. Trolove  pp. 65-79


Enhancing forage crop production and soil quality with municipal compost

C.S. Tregurtha, A. Horrocks, E.D. Meenken, S. Maley and M.H. Beare  pp. 81-91


Comparing cover crops in organic farming for weed suppression and soil fertility

F. Dastgheib, T. Jenkins and I. Barnett  pp. 93-103


Drought response and water use efficiency of forage brassica crops

A.L. Fletcher, S.M. Sinton, R.N. Gillespie, S. Maley, R.E. Sim, J.M. de Ruiter and E.D. Meenken  pp. 105-117


Growth, development and seed yield of autumn forage rape in response to sowing date and sowing rate

E. Chakwizira, A. Fletcher, M. George and J. Trethewey  pp. 119-132


Removing early spring emerged reproductive growing points enhances seed yield of Italian ryegrass

M.P. Rolston, B.L. McCloy, J.A.K. Trethewey and R.J. Chynoweth  pp. 133-139


Low input weed management in field peas

Z. Munakamwe, B.A. McKenzie and G.D. Hill  pp. 141-158


Water and nitrogen use efficiency in modern and Maori potato cultivars

I.R. Fandika, P.D. Kemp, J.P. Millner and D.J. Horne  pp. 159-169


The effects of late blight (Phytophthora infestans) on taewa Māori

N. Roskruge and J. Anderson  pp. 171-176


Post-emergence thermal weeding in onions (Allium cepa)

F. Dastgheib, C. Merfield and T. Chamberlain  pp. 177-186


Can desiccant application improve carrot seed quality?

R.S. Trivedi, J.M. Townshend and J.G. Hampton  pp. 187-196


Year round taro leaf production in northern New Zealand

W.T Bussell and C.M. Triggs  pp. 197-203