1992 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 22nd Agronomy Society Conference held at Lincoln, Canterbury in 1992.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Improving quality for the processing industry

E. Muller pp. 1-2


Potatoes - the quest for processing quality

R.A. Genet pp. 3-7


Some properties of lipoxygenase in mature (edible) corn (Zea mays) and its inactivation by microwave

S. Boyes, C. Perera, P. Chevis and J. Holden pp. 9-15


Field and storage evaluation of new supersweet sweet corn cultivars

D.W. Brash, J.L. Burgmans and V.K. Corrigan pp. 17-23


Effect of maturity and storage on the sensory quality of buttercup squash

W. Harvey and D. Grant pp. 25-30


Nutritional and processing quality in barley and oats for food - a review

G.D. Coles pp. 31-34


Controlled atmosphere storage of 'Honey 'n' Pearl' sweet corn

D.W. Brash, V.K. Corrigan and P.L. Hurst pp. 35-39


The use of late nitrogen on milling wheat in the Manawatu

J.P. Millner pp. 41-50


Response of grain crops to drought

P.D. Jamieson, G.S. Francis and R.J. Martin pp. 51-52


A market-led approach to new crop research

J.A. Douglas pp. 53-56


Initial research on the production of water-grown wasabi in the Waikato

J.D. Douglas and J.M. Follett pp. 57-60


Production of the medicinal crops valerian and echinacea in New Zealand

G. Parmenter, J. Burgmans, L. Burton, M. Douglas, J. Follet, G. Gray and B. Smallfield pp. 61-65


The production of burdock (Arctium lappa L.) root in New Zealand - a preliminary study of a new vegetable

M. Douglas, L. Burton, J. McGimpsey and J. Burgmans pp. 67-70


Myoga ginger - a new export crop for New Zealand

J.A. Douglas and J.M. Follett pp. 71-73


Potential for flower seed production in New Zealand

J.G. Hampton and L. Phetpradap pp. 75-78


The mechanism of the nitrate effect on shoot to root ratio of herbaceous plants - an hypothesis

M. Andrews pp. 79-82


Seed reserve mobilization and the partitioning of dry matter in barley seedlings prior to emergence

M. Lieffering, M. Andrews and B. McKenzie pp. 83-86


The partitioning of dry matter between root and shoot of a range of temperate annual and perennial pasture grasses

D. Porter, M. Andrews and R.J. Lucas pp. 87-90


Dry matter and nitrogen redistribution in autumn and spring sown wheats

R.J. Martin pp. 91-96


An overview of results from the long-term no-tillage trials at Winchmore

G.S. Francis, R.J. Haynes and T.L. Knight pp. 97-101


Genetic adaptation to frost tolerance in white clover

J.R. Caradus and J.P.J. Eerens pp. 103-109


The sowing depth response of Grasslands Gala grazing brome (Bromus stamineus Desv.)

A.V. Stewart and I.T. Grigg pp. 111-114


Effect of water stress and nitrogen on canopy development and radiation interception of lentil

K.K. Turay, B.A. McKenzie and M. Andrews pp. 115-119


Leaf growth and canopy development in chickpea

B.A. McKenzie, M. Andrews, A.Z. Ayalsew and J.R. Stokes pp. 121-125