1983 Journal Papers

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Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 13th Agronomy Society Conference held at Wellington in 1983.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Predicting nitrogen requirements for arable farming: a critical review and appraisal

K.M. Goh pp. 1-14


Nitrate leaching: some fundamentals

K.C. Cameron pp. 15-21


A simple mathematical model simulating ammonia volatilization losses in the field

R.R. Sherlock and K.M. Goh pp. 23-27


Changes in soil nitrogen during pasture crop sequences - a review

R.A. Carran pp. 29-32


Efficient utilisation of soil and fertiliser N to optimise maize grain yield

K.W. Steele pp. 33-38


Response of wheat to five nitrogen fertilisers in northern Canterbury

R.C. Stephen, D.J. Saville and B.F. Quin pp. 39-44


Fertiliser nitrogen use on Northland pastures – pasture responses in autumn

A.O. Taylor and B.J. Hunt pp. 45-47


Fertiliser nitrogen use on Northland pastures – spring use on dairy farms

G.J. Piggot, H.M. Morgan and E.N. Honore pp. 49-51


Pasture and hogget response to urea in spring on a set-stocked pasture in Northland

P.J. Rumball pp. 53-54


A blueprint for high sugar beet yields in Canterbury

R.J. Martin, R.C. Stephen, G.W. Bourdot and S.L. Goldson pp. 55-58


Beet production on the Gisborne plains

M.H. Gray and S.J. McCormick pp. 59-61


Beet production for ethanol in Waikato: yields and problems encountered in growing the crop

S.J. McCormick and D.L. Thomsen pp. 63-66


Sugar beet as an energy crop on the Central Plateau

N .S. Percival and D.I. Bond pp. 67-72


Yield and harvest date prospects for sugar beet in Northland

G.J. Piggot, C.A. Farrell and H.M. Morgan pp. 73-74


Effect of plant population and inoculation on yield and yield components of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

L.G. Hernandez and G.D. Hill pp. 75-79


Effect of PP333 and TIBA growth regulators on development and yield components of spring sown field beans (Vicia faba L.)

H.J. Attiya, R.J. Field and G.D. Hill pp. 81-86


The non-existence of moisture sensitive phases in Vicia faba L. grown under irrigation in Canterbury

M.M. Husain, J.N. Gallagher, G.D. Hill and M. Othman pp. 87-94


The effect of irrigation on radiation absorption, water use and yield of conventional and semi-leafless peas

Z.M. Zain, J.N. Gallagher and J.G.H. White pp. 95-102


Vining pea cultivars in Manawatu 1980-81 to 1982-83 seasons

W.T. Bussell pp. 103-104


Effect of sowing rate on vining pea yields and profitability in Manawatu

W.T. Bussell, R.W. Johnston and R.E. Lill pp. 105-106


VA mycorrhizae and asparagus

C.Ll. Powell and D.J. Bagyaraj pp. 107-109


Screening for breadbaking quality by SDS-sedimentation test and SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

W.B. Griffin pp. 111-115


Dill herb oil - an alternative to traditional crops?

N.G. Porter pp. 117-121


Commercial lentil production in Canterbury

W.A. Jermyn pp. 123-124