2018 Journal Papers

Our recent 50th Anniversary celebrated our past and looked to the future... Our thanks to the Symposium's 18 sponsors, 31 speakers & 172 registrants for making it such a success.

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 48th Agronomy Society Conference held at Twizel in 2018.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file: 

You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader (to open the PDF files) here


A modelling approach to assessment and improvement of nitrogen management on New Zealand arable farms: a case study

E.N. Khaembah and A. Horrocks pp. 1-11


The effect of potassium fertilisation and timing on potassium uptake, grain yield and grain quality in a spring sown wheat crop

A.E. Dawson, A.J. Bedford, R.T. Hamilton and M.J. Shand pp. 13-23


Wheat response to nitrogen under contrasting irrigation regimes

A.J. Michel, E.I. Teixeira, H.E. Brown, M.J. George, S. Maley, R.N. Gillespie, E.D. Meenken and K.K. Richards pp. 25-34


Potassium fertiliser requirements of fodder beet

E. Chakwizira, J.M. de Ruiter, S. Maley and S. Armstrong pp. 35-49


Autumn sown wheat requires different fungicide inputs under irrigated and dryland conditions

J.B. Drummond, R.A. Craigie and B.L. McCloy pp. 51-60


Effects of seed treatments on germination and growth of maize in the field

P.S. Oliver, E.D. Walker, S.K. Dalgety and D.M. Thomas pp. 61-66


Helicropping – the role of nitrogen and phosphorus in forage cropping with aerial no-tillage

P.M.S. Lane pp. 67-76


Simulating plant growth in diverse pastures with new forage models in APSIM

R. Cichota and V. Snow pp. 77-89


Thermal requirements for inflorescence emergence in plantain

G.M. Payne, A.V. Stewart and S. Abel pp. 91-100


Managing Pilosella officinarum (Hieracium) with sulphur in South Island High Country

M.D. Craighead pp. 101-113


Ryegrass seed production in New Zealand: achieving 3000+ kg/ha yields

M.P. Rolston, R.J. Chynoweth, S.R. Vreugdenhil and A.M. Gunnarsson pp. 115-123


Impact of varying plant densities on two industrial hemp cultivars grown in the Manawatu

Q.M. Swanepoel, R. Barge, E. Kawana-Brown and L.H.J Kerckhoffs pp. 125-135


A text mining analysis of proceedings of the New Zealand Agronomy Society 1971-2017 using Natural Language Processing

J. Liu, A. Hunt and L. Jesson pp. 137-148


Yield and tuber quality variability in commercial potato cultivars under abiotic stress in New Zealand

A.B. Siano, N. Roskruge, L.H.J. Kerckhoffs and S. Sofkova-Bobcheva pp. 149-163


Methods for measuring Rhizoctonia stem canker severity in potato crops

A.J. Michel, R.E. Falloon, K.K. Richards, S.M. Sinton, F.A. Shah and S.J. Dellow pp. 165-176


Issues facing larger-scale taro growing in New Zealand

A. Parshotam pp. 177-189


Deriving a dataset from the New Zealand National Soils Database (NZ-NSD) for use in Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) Modelling

A. Parshotam pp. 191-203