1998 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 28th Agronomy Society Conference held at Napier, Hawke's Bay in 1998.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Effect of plant population and N fertiliser on yield and quality of supersweet corn

P.J. Stone, LB. Sorensen and J.B. Reid pp. 1-5


Soil temperature affects growth and development of maize

P.J. Stone, I.B. Sorensen and P.D. Jamieson pp. 7-8


Radiation interception accounts for the effects of plant population on maize yield

P.J. Stone, LB. Sorensen and D.R. Wilson pp. 9-10


Selective herbicides for dahlia production

R.C. Southward, K.C. Harrington, J.G. Hampton and H. Han pp. 11-15


Effects of crop residues and management practices on weeds in a wheat crop in Canterbury

F. Dastgbeib, K. Kumar and K.M. Gob pp. 17-20


Survival of the New Zealand herbage seed industry: quality is the answer

J.S. Rowarth, J.G. Hampton and M.J. Hill pp. 21-30


Crop uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from soil amended with chicken manure and green waste compost

A.J. Pearson, T.M. Spiers and G. Cant pp. 31-34


The effects of nitrogen management and cultivar on the yield, total protein and amino acid composition of feed barley

J.M. de Ruiter, K.A.C. James, J.V. Johnstone and M.B. Rea pp. 35-45


A survey of seed vigour in field and garden peas (Pisum sativum L.)

J.S. Rowarth, N. Taweekul and B.A. McKenzie pp. 47-54


Climate change impacts on feed grain production and quality in New Zealand

N.B. Pyke, D.R. Wilson, P.J. Stone and P.D. Jamieson pp. 55-58


Effects of soil incorporated tagasaste herbage on the growth of maize

E. Yamoab, B.A. McKenzie and G.D. Hill pp. 59-66


Short term pasture response to a proprietary liquid fertiliser

D.J. Russell and C. Matthew pp. 67-70


Effect of Fusarium seed infection and fungicide seed treatment on wheat and barley establishment and yield

R.J. Martin, M.B. Rea and M.G. Cromey pp. 71-79


Effect of chlormequat and sowing rate on yield and quality of oats

R.J. Martin, K. Armstrong and D.R. Wilson pp. 81-86


The dry matter yield of Italian ryegrass grown after grain legumes in a crop rotation

V. Ganeshan, G.D. Hill and B.A. McKenzie pp. 87-94


Rhizobial requirements for successful establishment of birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.)

H.N. Pryor 


Field performance of field pea seeds with varying vigour levels

N. Taweekul, G.D. Hill, B.A. McKenzie and M.J. Hill 


Dry matter accumulation of three turnip (Brassica campestris L.) cultivars sown on five dates in Canterbury

B.N. Collie and B.A. McKenzie 


Preliminary investigations into the persistence of a vegetatively reproductive red clover cv. Astred in mixed swards at Hawkes Bay and Manawatu

M.G. Hyslop, P.D. Kemp and J. Hodgson 


Forage production from degraded forest and pastureland under protected and grazed conditions in Nepal

T.N. Pandey and P.C. Struik 


Performance of perennial ryegrass and cocksfoot cultivars under tree shade

N.R. Devkota, P.D. Kemp, I. Valentine and J. Hodgson pp. 129-135