2004 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 34th Agronomy Society Conference held at Ashburton in 2004.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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The development of a fodder radish suitable for multiple grazing

A.V. Stewart and A.J. Moorhead pp. 1-7


The SMCO content of grazing radish compared with other brassicas in New Zealand

A.V. Stewart and H.G. Judson pp. 9-12


Dairying intensification: production responses and financial implications

R.N. Jensen, D.A. Clark and K.A. Macdonald pp.13-20 


Dairy pasture yield and growth responses to summer and spring grazing

F. McKenzie, J. Jacobs and G. Ward pp. 21-30


Variation in gorse (Ulex europaeus L.) seed production and viability in the South Island of New Zealand

C.R. Sixtus, G.D. Hill and R.R. Scott pp. 31-41


Winter tickbeans (Vicia faba L. var. minor) to enhance organic production

S.R. Shaw, L.H.J. Kerckhoffs, B.T. Rogers and J.B. Reid pp. 43-50


Effect of dairy effluent on millet yields and quality

J. Jacobs and G. Ward pp. 51-55


Effect of dairy effluent on perennial pasture in late spring and summer

J. Jacobs and G. Ward pp. 57-62


Effects of soil and climatic conditions on the variation in some ryegrass seed crops

M.D. Craighead and I.J. Yule pp. 63-72


Controlling pasture quality on hill country - key decisions and techniques

D.I. Gray, J.I. Reid, P.D. Kemp, I.M. Brookes, D. Horne, P.R. Kenyon, C. Matthew, S.T. Morris and I. Valentine pp. 73-82


Harvesting sulla for yield and quality

E.M.K. Minnee, S.J. Bluett and S.L. Woodward pp. 83-88


Leaf appearance and primordia initiation of 'Challenger' sweet corn in response to phosphorous

A.L. Fletcher, D.J. Moot and W.R. Scott pp. 89-96


Seed production in narrow-leafed lupins (Lupinus angustifolius L.)

J.P. Millner, K.M. Tahir and C. Black pp. 97-107


Development of a laboratory procedure to determine dry matter in maize forage

R.J. Hill and S. Ballinger pp. 109-115


Optimising harvest timing by predicting dry matter content of whole-crop cereals for silage

J. M. de Ruiter, S. Maley and M. Robson pp. 117-131


One drill for all establishment systems - is it possible?

E. J. Stevens, P.K. Jarman, P.J. Clarke and J.G. Hampton pp.133-142


Effects of irrigation on yields and water use efficiencies of forages

J. Jacobs and G. Ward pp. 143-147


The effect of plant density on seed yield of two cool tolerant soybean cultivars in Canterbury

M.M. Rahman, M.G. Mwakangwale, J.G. Hampton and M.J. Hill pp. 149-159


A model of protein accumulation and composition in wheat

P.D. Jamieson, P. Martre, R.F. Zyskowski, E. Triboi and J.R. Porter pp. 161-164


Is maize silage and grain yield and N concentration affected by method of N fertiliser

A.J. Pearson, I.B. Soreson, S.R. Shaw and B.T. Rogers pp. 165-169


Using the Sirius wheat calculator to manage wheat quality - the Canterbury experience

T. Armour, P.D. Jamieson and R.F. Zyskowski pp. 171-176


Soil compaction effects on early plant growth of squash

B.P. Searle and I.B. Sorensen pp. 177-182


Flowering and seed production in a model pot-grown specimen of the sweet herb Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni (Asteraceae)

R.C.Southward, K.L. Kitchen and D.W. Fountain pp. 183-190


Development of a maize forage sampling system to accurately determine dry matter percentage

J.M. DeFilippi, D.W. Densley, J.P. Praat, N.B. Pyke and D.J. Saville pp. 191-202