1990 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 20th Agronomy Society Conference held at Upper Hutt, Wellington in 1990.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Nitrogen effects on early growth of Otane wheat: Possible advantages and disadvantages of adding fertiliser nitrogen at sowing

M. Andrews, A.V. Jones and S. Dines pp. 1-6


The effects of pH and aluminium on some common New Zealand grasses and legumes: A summary of recent research

D.C. Edmeades, D.M. Wheeler and R.A. Christie pp. 7-10


Breeding and selection for improved white clover production and persistence in New Zealand

J.R. Caradus, B. Cooper, K. Widdup and D. Ryan pp. 11-15


Plant variety rights in New Zealand: A review

H.J. Bezar, R.B. Wynn-Williams and A.V. Stewart pp. 17-23


Success factors in new crop commercialisation

W.A. Jermyn pp. 25-28


Field establishment of Russell lupin

K. Wangdi, B.A. McKenzie and G.D. Hill pp. 29-36


Some autumn and winter forage cropping options on the Central Plateau

N.S. Percival and R. Hunter pp.37-40


The effect of grazing management on the growth and reproductive development of chicory

P.N.P. Matthews, P.D. Kemp and G.M. Austin pp. 41-43


Birdsfoot trefoil and black mountain rye: On-farm trials in the South Island hill and high country

B.E. Allan, J.M. Keoghan, H.M. Chapman, W.J. Fraser, R.J. Doney and K.D. Trainor pp. 45-49


The efficiency of hydration-dehydration seed treatments for improving the storage of wheat seeds

S. Nath, P. Coolbear, J.G. Hampton and C.A. Cornford pp. 51-57


Interactions between seed moisture content and solvent damage in seed treatment of soybeans

N. Sakunnarak, P. Coolbear and D.W. Fountain pp. 59-66


Preliminary results from an evaluation of the use of an oxygen absorber for prolonging the storage life of packaged soybean seed

W. Tungjaroenchai, P. Coolbear and T.R. Robertson pp. 67-72


A preliminary investigation into root-shoot growth relationships of lentils (Lens culinaris Medik)

B.A. McKenzie and G.D. Hill pp. 73-76


Plant root length and diameter determination using an image analysis thinning algorithm

T. Cochrane, C. Matthew, M.D. Apperley and P.M. Ngan pp. 77-82


Changes in soil organic matter content and aggregate stability under Canterbury mixed cropping rotations

R.J. Haynes and R.C. Stephen pp. 83-90


A survey of Canterbury lentil growers in the 1989-90 growing season

J. Gerhalter and G.D. Hill pp. 91-98


The use of a rainshelter to determine yield responses of Russet Burbank potatoes to soil water deficit

R.J. Martin, P.D. Jamieson, D.R. Wilson and G.S. Francis pp. 99-101


Establishment, sowing time and plant population effects on CRD Otane wheat

J.V. Johnstone, D.R. Wilson, R.J. Martin, R.N. Gillespie and B.L. McCloy pp. 103-109