2020 Journal Papers

The 2021 Invercargill Conference is postponed to 15-17 Nov 2022 Conference link

The 50th Anniversary 2-day Symposium at Lincoln University is postponed to 31 Aug-1 Sep 2022 Symposium link

The 50th Agronomy Society Conference (combined with the Grassland Association) was scheduled to be held at Invercargill in 2020, but was cancelled as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.  However, the Society encouraged authors to still submit the written version of their papers which went through the standard editorial process including being referreed by two subject experts.  Authors will also have the opportunity to present their papers listed below orally at the 2021 Conference also scheduled for Invercargill.

Please click on the title of interest to download the file.  You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader (to open the PDF files) here


Adapting forages to climate changes and lower environmental footprint

N. Davies, M.J. Carena and P. Rolston pp. 1-13


Yara N-tester chlorophyll meter calibration: a prequel

E. Chakwizira, A.E. Dawson and A. Stafford pp. 15-24


Innovative procedures of data preparation to ensure data integrity for crop modelling

J. Liu, M. George, A. J. Michel, N. Arnold, I. Sorensen, H. Brown and R. Zyskowski pp. 25-35


A non-destructive method of individual leaf area estimation for potato

J.S. Oliveira, H.E. Brown, A. Gash and D.J. Moot pp. 37-45


Winter cover crop mixtures for increasing nitrate uptake and improving soil aggregation

M.I. Voice, B.C. Kinney and V.L. Kinsman pp. 47-56


Effects of an organic seed treatment on the growth and yield of maize in the field

F. Milford-Cottam, P.S. Oliver and D.M. Thomas pp. 57-65


Plant-to-plant variation in New Zealand maize under No-Till management footprint

G.M. Pellow and A.W. Holmes pp. 67-79


Productivity and quality of kale, swede, fodder beet and maize in Manawatu

A.M. Thant, J.P. Millner, C.R. McGill and R. Tsimba pp. 81-93


Relative Epichloë endophyte fungal biomass in ryegrass tillers grown pre and post vernalization

I. Rinklake, A. James, L. Brownfield, R. Macknight and C. Eady pp. 95-107


Evaluation of tillage practices for maize in a rotation system for market gardening in the Waikato region of New Zealand

H. van Zyl and A. Holmes pp. 109-117